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Alleged Filet-O-Fish Bandit Turns Himself In



    Gimme That Filet-o-Fish: Exclusive Video of Drive-Thru Snack Attack

    South Brunswick, N.J. police exclusively gave NBCNewYork the security camera video of the man who launched himself through a drive-thru window after he thought he waited too long for his McDonald's filet-o-fish sandwich.

    As we see in the video, he climbs out of the rear passenger seat while a woman smiles from behind the driver's wheel.

    Another sequence shows the suspect coming in thru the drive thru window to the surprise of employees.

    Seconds later, you can see him grabbing at an employee --telling them, according to police, to "gimme that fish."

    Read the full story. (Published Thursday, April 1, 2010)

    Police in South Brunswick say they have charged Rashon East, 34 of New Brunswick, N.J. with simple assault and terroristic threats after he allegedly crawled in through a drive thru window at a McDonald's after waiting what he thought was too long for his fish sandwich.

    "He didn't find it funny," a source told NBCNewYork after his escapade was linked to surveillance video and the popular McDonald's Filet-O-Fish ad that used a plastic, mounted Billy Bass character to tell a customer "Gimme back that fish."

    East, who has a criminal record according to the NJ Department of Corrections Website, was "most annoyed," according to the source.

    But the video showing him crawling out of the rear window of his girlfriend's car and into the drive thru window was seen widely -- even seen by some of his six children, according to the investigation. Authorities  "encouraged him to give up," according to a statement from the South Brunswick police department.

    The video showed East slapping a McDonald's employee behind the counter as he tried to get his fish sandwich.

    It "generated several tipsters who identified East late last week," according to South Brunswick police spokesman Jim Ryan.

    The investigation indicated East had been out celebrating his birthday that night when they stopped by McDonald's for the fish filet.

    No word on whether he enjoyed his fish filet.

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