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Firefighters Trapped, Hurt After Trucks Collide

Trucks were responding to a call



    Under the Tucson Sun
    Firefighters were responding to a call when the trucks collided.

    Several New York City firefighters have been injured and two were trapped after two fire trucks collided in a thunderous traffic accident in Brooklyn this morning, authorities said.
    Engine 236 barreled into Ladder 107 as the two were en route to a call just before 10 a.m., according to a published report. The second fire truck flipped on its side, landing with its back end on a minivan and its front end in a tree, reports The New York Post.

    At least one firefighter was trapped for two hours in the smashed vehicle. One had to be cut out and removed on a stretcher.
    The other truck ended up on the front lawn of a nearby house.
    "I heard one firefighter yelling, ahhhh," witness Everton Brown told the Post. "After [the ladder truck] flipped, the one standing on the back flew off the truck and landed on his face. He walked back and sat on the other truck. Then guys from both trucks got out and started to help."

    About a dozen firefighters were hurt all together. Most had minor injuries, but as many as four were more seriously hurt. No civilians were injured. The injured firefighters were taken to three area hospitals, but the exact nature of their injuries was unknown.
    Authorities couldn't immediately say what caused the crash.