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Bloomberg, Dem Chairman Trash Monserrate



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    Keep your chins up, Hiram.

    Hiram Monserrate managed to fend off a felony conviction that would've required him to give up his state senate seat, but with his fellow Democrats denouncing him as " despicable," "disturbing" and "violent," his days in Albany may yet be numbered.

    The way in which Monserrate treated his girlfriend Karla Giraldo "is disgraceful, despicable, deplorable," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Sunday.

    The mayor added that it was up to Albany to decide the Queens' Dem's fate, a movement that Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson is expected to take up formally in the coming days.

    Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs, freshly appointed by Gov. David Paterson, has also joined the chorus in the state capitol calling for Monserrate to get the boot.

    "The court had its opinion, but we all know what this was, and, frankly, it doesn't represent the Democratic Party," Jacobs told The New York Post's Fred Dicker.

    "He absolutely should be ousted if he doesn't resign because the Democratic Party has to stand for something. If the party doesn't stand for anything, then what is it about?" asked Jacobs.

    Paterson, for his part, has tried to stay out of l'affaire Monserrate, but he may be forced to take a stand or risk appearing to not support Jacobs, noted Dicker.

    Manhattan Democrat Liz Krueger was much more direct in her assessment of Monserrate and the court's rulings.

    "Domestic violence is domestic violence, guilt is guilt. I believe Hiram Monserrate should not remain in the Senate." said Krueger.

    But Monserrate is not without his allies, including Bronx Senator Rubén Díaz Sr., who responded angrily to calls for Monserrate to step down.

    “Senator Monserrate was found guilty of trying to do good by forcing his girlfriend to go to the hospital for treatment,” Mr. Diaz said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

    Ironically, Giraldo remains Monserrate's biggest supporter. "I love him. We love each other and we want to be together again," she told the Daily News.

    "I want to go back to the simple things we did as a couple before all this happened -- decorating his apartment, going out shopping, or just sitting at home together."

    Diaz, a licensed minister, was first to announce the nuptials after the verdict came in, and said he would officiate over the wedding.