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Trump, Hannity, Imus All Packing Heat

What Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and Don Imus have in common



    Trump, Hannity, Imus All Packing Heat
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    What do these guys have in common?

    Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, and Don Imus are not just controversial hotheads -- they’re also packing the heat.

    The NYPD recently released a list of the city’s handgun permit holders to The Upshot, revealing well known faces such as The Donald, Estee Lauder heir Ron Lauder and Fox News President Roger Ailes as strapped up men.

    In January, The New York Times reported that Ailes had received various violent threats in the past. Both he and his prime-time colleague Sean Hannity possess a "carry business" license. That type of license is the least restricted of the licenses and permits the "carrying of a handgun concealed on the person," according to the NYPD's website.

    Though there exist different handgun licenses with different privileges, New York City Firearms Laws state that an applicant for a handgun license must be of "good moral character."

    I’m looking at you, Don Imus.