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Facebook Helps Cops Revive Nassau Cold Case



    Facebook Helps Cops Revive Nassau Cold Case
    Kelly Morrissey, 15, vanished on June 12 1984. She was last seen at a gas station on Merrick Road.

    Postings on a Facebook page have breathed new life into the case of a missing Lynbrook teen, said Nassau county police.

    Kelly Morrissey, 15, vanished on June 12 1984.  She was last seen at a gas station on Merrick Road. 

    "To have someone just disappear into thin air is really kind of strange," said Bill Rhodes, a neighbor who lived across the street when Morrissey went missing.

    Morrissey was a "neighborhood fixture," according to Rhodes; a normal teen whose disappearance devastated her family.

    "They always kept her picture taped to their car's window," said another neighbor.  But, according to police, Morrissey was never heard from or seen again.

    This week, however, Morrissey's mom returned from her new home in Vermont to meet with Nassau county police investigators who are now back on this case.

    The "cold case" heated up after police found postings on a Facebook page for a local skating rink, Hot Skates. 

    There was no specific information or leads about what happened to Morrissey, police said. 

    In fact, the postings appeared to be nothing more than reminiscences; but some did mention Morrissey specifically and the chatter among people who knew her or lived in the area in 1984 raised hope that someone might come forward, according to investigators.

    "There are a multitude of reasons why no one has come forward so far," said homicide commander, Det. Lt. John Azzata.

    "We hope they look into their souls and come forward to help Kelly's family."

    A ten thousand dollar reward is being offered for information on Morrissey's whereabouts.  Police also released a sketch of what she might look like today, 26 years later.

    However, when asked, Det. Lt. Azzata said he did not believe Morrissey was still alive.

    Two other Lynbrook teens, Theresa Fusco, 15 and Jackie Martarella, 19 also vanished in 1984. They were both found strangled to death -- apparent murder victims.  It's unclear if there is any connection between those murders and the Morrissey case, police said.

    Fusco and Martarella's killers have never been brought to justice. 

    Three men convicted of killing Fusco were exonerated by DNA evidence in 2003 after eighteen years in prison.