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FML on the Subway



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    Don't blame this guy at the MTA sign shop, even if there's a suspicious looking M sign.

    You probably think it while you're on the subway anyway.

    At the 14th Street -6th Avenue subway station, train letters temporarily read "FML."

    The new signage inadvertently recalls the FML website that allows people to express their daily frustrations. The well-known or perhaps not so well-known phrase -- at least to the MTA -- is slang for F*** My Life. The saying has spread from common Internet verbage, to texting, to everyday verbal expression.

    The bright orange and gray letters were placed in the unfortunate combination when the Transit Authority added the M to replace the V -- a line change which begins on June 28th. The Huffington Post reports that the new sign will feature the L symbol below the F and M.

    Next time you're at the crowded 14th street station, and you miss the subway...remember that you're not the only one thinking "FML."