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FBI and NYPD Team Up to Fight Hate on Staten Island

Task force formed to curb violence in Port Richmond



    FBI and NYPD Team Up to Fight Hate on Staten Island
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    The New York division of the FBI and the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit have combined to create a task force in hopes of curbing the rising violence in Staten Island, officials announecd today.

    The move follows the arrest of a 15-year-old boy earlier this week for allegedly attacking a Mexican teen in Port Richmond.

    Since April, more than a dozen attacks have occurred targeting members of the Mexican community. The most recent victim Christian Vazquez was attacked from behind and beaten as his attackers screamed racial epithets at him.

    This attack came despite an increased NYPD presence and the posting of Mexican personal in the borough by Mexican General Consul Ruben Beltran to safeguard the Mexican communities.

    The attacks in recent months generally involve groups of at least two and are comprised mostly of teenage boys and young men about 14 through 20.

    Attackers usually target Hispanic men walking alone, stealing cash and beating their victims while shouting anti-Mexican slurs.

    Since the attacks began police have arrested eight people in three separate incidents on charges of assault as a hate crime.

    "We have formed this task force because it is the FBI's mission to protect civil rights," said Special Agent Jim Margolin to NBCNewYork.

    The force is comprised of about a dozen FBI and NYPD personnel, with the FBI personnel coming from the civil rights unit  noted Margolin.

    The task force is requesting assistance from the public in combating the violence. They are asking any person with information that leads to any insight into investigation to please come forward.

    Task force members seek to speak with members of the public for the sole purpose of obtaining information about the individuals responsible for these attacks.

    Anyone with information relating to these events is requested to call the FBI at (212) 384-5000 or the NYPD at (646) 610-5267.