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Arrest Warrant for Woman Who Raised Kidnapped Girl

Shady mom is MIA after 23-year-old reunited with biological parents.



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    North Carolina Dept. of Corrections

    She's on the run.

    North Carolina officials issued an arrest warrant Friday for Ann Pettway -- the woman who raised a baby girl kidnapped from a Harlem hospital more than 20 years ago.

    Pettway is formally wanted for violating her parole on an attempted embezzlement but officials also want to question her about the infant girl's 1987 abduction, in the spotlight after the now grown woman's amazing reunion with her real Bronx family.

    After repeated attempts to find Pettway, who's last address was in Raleigh, authorities put her name into a national law enforcement database and released a new photo of her.

    "We definintely believe she is willfully fleeing supervision," said Pam Walker, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina Department of Correction.

    FBI are also on the trail of  the woman suspected of snatching baby Carlina White from her hospital crib after the now 23-year-old's emotional reunion with her birth parents reignited her kidnapping mystery.

    Carlina White dissappeared from Harlem Hospital at just 19 days old in 1987. Under the name of Nejdra Nance, White grew up in Connecticut and later Georgia under Pettway's care.

    Following a hunch that Pettway wasn't her biological mother, White found and reached out to her real mother with the help of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the NYPD.

    Pettway has had her fair share of run-ins with the law. She is reported to have used multiple aliases and birthdays while travelling along the East Coast. A larceny charge locked her up in a Connecticut jail as a teen in 1977, she spent three years in probation for forgery and larceny in 1991, and later was busted for pot possession in 1997.  She's on parole until June 2012 for the embezzlement case.