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FBI Now "Bandittracking" In NY and NJ



    FBI Now "Bandittracking" In NY and NJ
    From bandittrackernortheast.com. This suspect is wanted for a robbery in Queens.

    The FBI is now posting the photos of all area bank robbers on a new website hoping it will lead to more tips and more arrests. 

    Calling the website "bandittrackernortheast.com" the FBI offices in New York and New Jersey are putting out bank surveillance photos taken during area hold-ups.

    A suspect using a fake bomb who has hit several Queens banks in recent weeks is one of the photos now posted online.  Also, Westchester County's most recent serial robber now has his face on the FBI site.

    "This website has proven to be a very effective tool for other FBI offices in identifying and catching bank robbers," said New York FBI director Joe Demarest.  "The site will provide 24-hour access for the public, bank employees and the news media."

    New Jersey FBI director Micahel Ward said the website will "enhance tools" already in place to capture bank robbers.  Arkansas, Texas and Indiana are other states where the FBI has set up "bandittracker" websites. 

    In New Jersey, 70 percent of the state's 190 bank robberies were solved last year.  New York FBI officials said bank robberies in the city have dropped by double digits in the past year.