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FBI Investigating New Corruption Allegations in Jersey

Authorities appear to be curious about election fraud investigation by county prosecutor's office



    FBI Investigating New Corruption Allegations in Jersey
    FBI agents and Connecticut State Police have surrounded a semitrailer that may be carrying explosives in Branford, CT.

    Two dozen or more FBI agents participated in raids on Middlesex County election offices in New Brunswick Tuesday.

    While the Agency will only confirm that their agents "are in the New Brunswick area," multiple sources tell NBCNewYork that the probe has the potential to reach not only into City Hall, but also deep inside the New Brunswick Police Department.

    In addition, investigators appear to be curious about an election fraud investigation earlier this year by the Middlesex County Prosecutor's office.

    According to sources, several Rutgers students who were part of a "reform" election a year ago that sponsored a referendum that would have elected the city's councilmen by wards, instead of the existing at-large system.

    Feds Conduct Voter Fraud Investigation In New Brunswick

    [NY] Feds Conduct Voter Fraud Investigation In New Brunswick
    FBI agents served subpoenas on Middlesex County's Clerk and Election offices in a probe that appears to be aimed at the re-election campaign of Mayor James Cahill. Even the police department faces FBI scrutiny for officers' campaign donations as well as ghost voting by officers who lived in other towns.A youTube video just before the June primary caught an aide to the mayor with a stack of absentee ballots he was not authorized to have, leading to this latest probe. Sources say the FBI is even looking into the County Prosecutors office. Neither that office nor the Mayor had any comment.Brian Thompson brings us the story.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010)

    The reformers lost by slightly over 80 votes, but their attorney said they claimed to the FBI that the County Prosecutor appeared to be investigating them instead of City Hall.

    The police department is not believed to be a 'target' at this time.

    But it appeared the feds are interested in a pattern of donations made by police officers to Mayor James Cahill's re-election campaign earlier this year.

    The current investigation is focused on the use of absentee ballots in the Mayor's primary campaign against local attorney Patricia Bombelyn.

    The mayor's aide, Kevin Jones, was caught on camera before the primary in a city park with a stack of absentee ballots.

    However, according to reports at the time, Jones was not authorized to carry or distribute those absentees, as required by state election law.

    No arrests were expected Tuesday, but FBI agents were serving subpoenas at the Middlesex County Clerk's office and at the County Board of Elections office.