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Nerf Gun Prompts Long Island High School Lockdown



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    A Long Island high school was locked down and students were herded into "safe zones" with the lights out for hours after a student with a lime green Nerf gun that looked like a rifle prompted a 911 call.

    Police said the caller reported a suspicious teenage male with a backpack and carrying a "lime green gun" entering Elmont High School at about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. 

    The school went into immediate lockdown, with kids ushered into safe areas as heavily armed Nassau County police officers surrounded the building.

    "They said, 'Close the doors, close the shades,' and everything," said student Reginal Pierre.

    Parents were notified and many of them came to the school, frantic.

    Susan Asabor, parent of a student in the school, said the kids were not given much information and were scared.

    Police searched the building and found the toy gun in a student locker. The gun, which police described as a lever action Nerf, was confiscated and will be returned to the student's parents.

    The all-clear was given by 12:30 p.m.