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Woman, Child from Oregon Used in Eliot Spitzer Campaign Ad Without Permission



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    A campaign ad for former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer that acknowledges his 2008 prostitution scandal with the admission, "I failed, big time," features a woman from Oregon who did not authorize the appearance.

    The woman, Caitlin Baggott, runs a Portland-based political group called The Bus Project. 
    She appeared, with her young daughter, in an 2010 ad for Gov. John Kitzhaber, and the clip appears to have been used by the Spitzer campaign by mistake. Spitzer is now running for New York City comptroller. Watch the ad below.
    After Michael Radway, of Oregon's Democratic Party, complained to a mutual friend he shares with Spitzer, the ex-governor called him and said the ad would be fixed, his campaign said.
    Baggott told NBC 4 New York that she was surprised to learn she was in the ad, and that the campaign has apologized and is fixing the error.
    "In a world of omnipresent stock footage, the ad firm failed to do a background check that should have shown them that I'm not a good face to put in this kind of ad. I run a prominent political organization in another state," she said.
    Baggott said she was less concerned about being in an ad for Spitzer and more about the authenticity of political messages.
    "How are voters supposed to engage with what they see on television and make informed choices about candidates if all the material is from the same can?" she said. 
    The Spitzer campaign could not immediately say whether the other people in the ad were New Yorkers. There was a release for every person used, the campaign said.