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EPA Probe Finds PCBs in Another NYC School

This time inspectors found leaks of the toxic chemicals in Brooklyn



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    Inspectors from the federal Environmental Protection Agency have found leaks of the toxic chemicals known as PCBs at another New York City school.

    The EPA says 18 out of 28 samples taken at Public School 11 in Brooklyn showed PCBs above the regulatory limit of 50 parts per million, according to The New York Times.      

    The EPA said Monday the chemicals are leaking from old fluorescent light fixtures.

    Inspectors found PCB contamination at a Staten Island school earlier this month.

    The chemicals were widely used in construction from the 1950s until to the 1970s.

    The contamination does not pose an immediate health threat, but officials say long-term exposure to PCBs can cause cancer and other health problems.

    New York City is working with the EPA to conduct the inspections and take remedial action.