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Duffy's Double Dipping Is Deplorable: Lazio



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    Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy.

    Republican Rick Lazio is accusing Andrew Cuomo of doubletalk on the issue of double dipping.

    The accusations come after the news that Cuomo's running mate, RochesterMayor Robert Duffy is collecting a government paycheck and a police department pension at the same time, earning more than $200,000 a year.

    "It's about Andrew Cuomo saying one thing and doing another," Rick Lazio said today in Syracuse.

    Cuomo has complained about the so-called double dipping practice and has taken credit for fighting it in the school system.

    Lazio insists a government worker should not be collecting retirement benefits while also collecting a government paycheck.

    "New York can't afford it," Lazio said. "Tax payers can't afford it and it's wrong. It's got to change."

    It may be expensive, but the double dipping practice is not illegal. In fact, some NYC officials including police commissioner Ray Kelly and Emergency Management commissioner Joe Bruno collect salaries and pensions at the same time, after getting waivers from the State.

    A Cuomo spokesman would only say Duffy has handled his pension benefits honorably and consistently.