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Drunk Visits the Intrepid … by Swimming to It



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    There are easier ways ... seriously.

    You know, they have a tour for these kinds of things.

    One 65-year-old man was apparently so eager to visit the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, however, that he didn't want to wait for a guide. So he swam.

    Oh, and he was drunk.

    Firefighters had to drag the intoxicated man out of the Hudson River yesterday after he tried to make-like-dolphin and swim his way to the ship, according to the Daily News.

    "He felt like he had to go and touch the Intrepid, so instead of paying for admission and going on board, he decided to jump in the water," a fire department official told the paper. "He was intoxicated … you could smell it." 

    By the time firefighters arrived to help the liquor-sodden chap, he was bobbing up and down somewhere between the Intrepid and a pier about 50 feet from shore, reports the News.

    Using a rope, rescuers lowered firefighter John Bardak into the water and Bardak was able to help the drunkard climb a ladder and get back to shore. The swimmer, who wasn't immediately identified, was taken to Roosevelt Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, a fire department official told the News.