Dozens of Baby Birds Found Dead or Dazed in Gramercy Park - NBC New York

Dozens of Baby Birds Found Dead or Dazed in Gramercy Park

The ASPCA is investigating.



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    Dozens of baby finches have been found dazed or dead in a private park of an upscale New York City neighborhood.

    Residents of Manhattan's 2-acre Gramercy Park are trying to figure out how they got there.    

    An e-mail circulating on Monday pointed the finger at Aldon James, the president of the National Arts Club at Gramercy Park, reports the Daily News.     

    Rockland County bird breeder Pierre Brooks told the News James bought about 50 Australian zebra finches from him last week. But he said James was too responsible to dump them in the park.     

    James confirmed that he got "four dozen'' finches from Brooks but denied he released them in the park. He said he and members of the club helped rescue some of them.

    One passerby who happened upon the dead birds while she was walking her dog described a horrific scene.

    "I was walking my beagle, Rebel, and he was lunging at a dead bird. Then I realized they were everywhere," Lisa Anastasi, a 50-year-old fashion designer in the area, told the News. "It's disturbing. A severe case of animal cruelty."    

    The ASPCA is investigating.