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Does Robert Pattinson Need NYPD Back-up?

An elephant brunch, more on the miracle pup, and a star's problems with crazy fans in the blogs...



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    Does Robert Pattinson really need an NYPD security detail?

    In an effort to beat back a rolling tide of negative publicity following PETA's release of a stealth video showing trainers beating elephants with bull whips, the Ringling Bros Circus is feeding the animals watermelon on a street corner in Coney Island as a participant in National Watermelon Day. [OTBKB]

    Animal browsed through all 146 shots released by the Pentagon from the Scare Force One photo op circling New York City and color-corrected twelve of the best. Click through for their gallery. [Animal]

    Here's a bit more on Oreo, the miracle pup who survived a 6-story fall after being thrown off a project building in Brooklyn. [Gothamist]

    On the other side, police arrested a 41-year old man accused of beating a neighbor's cat with a rake and shooting it with a BB gun. Here's his mug shot. [1010 Wins]

    A website is claiming that a "highly-placed official" in the NYPD told them Twilight star Robert Pattinson needs better crazy fan protection, with Gawker summing the post up with, "NYPD sources now claim that the cops are looking to take over his overwhelmed security detail." [Gawker]

    And finally, this little guy needs to come to New York! His parents (we assume) shot this video of the 5-year old Wesley playing Johnny Cash's "Folson Prison Blues" at a coffee shop in Seattle, WA. [Laughing Squid]