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Dirty Jersey: Another Official Pleads Guilty



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    Solomon Dwek, a key witness in the government's public corruption case, can add another notch to his belt today as Michael Manzo became the 8th person to plead guilty.

    Another day, another public corruption guilty plea in New Jersey.  Michael Manzo became the 8th person to plead guilty in connection with July's massive corruption sweep that netted 40 elected officials, Rabbis, accused money launderers and one alleged body parts broker.

    Manzo had worked as an arson investigator in Jersey City and was running for City Council when he accepted a $5,000 bribe from an FBI cooperating witness.  That cooperater was posing as a developer seeking contracts and business with the city.  In exchange for the bribe, Manzo admitted that he promised future help to the informant.

    Manzo is among the 45 people charged in the sweeping corruption takedown that first reported on NBCNewYork.com as part of NBC's ongoing investigative coverage of the corruption problem plaguing the Garden State.

    In pleading guilty in Newark federal court, prosecutors and defense lawyers agreed Manzo should serve between 10-16 months in prison.

    The FBI informant, Solomon Dwek, has admitted orchestrating a massive bank fraud in the tens of millions of dollars.  He pleaded guilty to federal crimes and is expected to be sentenced next year.

    WNBC Reporters Jonathan Dienst and Brian Thompson first broke the corruption story on News 4 New York.