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Delivery Driver Possibly Killed by Rooftop Sniper



    Delivery Driver Possibly Killed by Rooftop Sniper
    Siede Preis
    A heartbroken Brooklyn mom says a police officer failed to help her as she desperately tried to get her daughter to the hospital following an asthma attack, according to news reports.

    A 39-year-old man was shot to death as he drove his bread delivery truck in Brooklyn and the fatal bullet apparently came from a rooftop, law enforcement officials said.

    The NYPD says Jorge Martinez was fatally wounded by a gunshot to the head late Friday night as he drove his bread route along Avenue X.

    Two bullets hit the van and one struck Martinez, who then lost control of the van and crashed. He died en route to the hospital of the gunshot wound.

    Police said in a statement early Sunday that they suspect stray gunfire struck Martinez and don't think he was targeted.

    Martinez was a father of 2 who lived in the Elmhurst section of Queens.  

    Martinez’s teenage son and daughter told the New York Times he was a devout Catholic who came from Ecuador about seven years ago and always told them to do well in school.

    “He used to pray every night before he went to work that everything would be O.K., because he said there were crazy drivers at night and he was afraid he might get hit,” said Jennifer Martinez, 16. “But not this, getting shot.”

    Investigators found eight shell casings on the roof of 2369 West 11th Street after the shooting, police sources told the Times. Two bullets had ripped through the van’s ceiling, and one of them hit the driver and it appears the bullets came from a neighboring building rooftop.