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Cuomo Signs Law Aimed at Domestic Violence, Guns



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    A new law bars those convicted of misdemeanors in domestic violence cases from buying firearms.

    Felons are already barred from buying pistols, rifles, guns and other firearms.

    Federal law prohibits gun ownership by anyone with a misdemeanor conviction stemming from domestic violence. But there has been a gap in reporting the crime from New York.

    Cuomo says the law will help keep firearms from those with violent records.

    The law's co-sponsor, Republican Sen. Stephen Saland (suh-LAND) of Poughkeepsie, says there were four deaths related to domestic violence in Dutchess County alone last year.

    Democratic Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (PAUL-in) of Westchester says the law will mean a more effective criminal background check at gun stores.

    Cuomo signed the bill Monday.