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Cuomo Presses PEF to Vote on Modified Contract



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    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the union representing state workers have reached a tentative agreement that could avoid close to 3,500 layoffs.

    The New York State Public Employees Federation says the agreement will be presented to the union's executive board on Monday. If approved, it will go out to the membership for a vote.

    The two sides have been racing against an Oct. 19 deadline for layoffs to begin statewide. The union said if the executive board approves the contract, the layoff date will be pushed back to Nov. 4 to allow enough time for the membership vote.

    The tentative agreement is for a four-year contract. The union membership voted against another tentative agreement in September.

    Cuomo has said union concessions are needed to deal with the state's deficits.

    In a statement released Sunday afternoon, Cuomo said he hoped PEF leaders moved for a revote and that members would ratify the contract.

    "I am confident that my Administration has been more than resonable and fair, as CSEA's ratification demonstrates," said Cuomo. "Simply put, the fate of the members is in the union's hands. It's up to them."