Cuomo: NYC-Based Theft Ring Shipped Cars to Africa - NBC New York

Cuomo: NYC-Based Theft Ring Shipped Cars to Africa



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    The state attorney general says a car theft ring based in the Bronx stole hundreds of cars from streets, dealerships and parking garages and shipped them off to Senegal.

    Attorney General Andrew Cuomo says 17 people have been indicted in connection to the ring. He said on Wednesday that 16 had been taken into custody.

    Authorities spent more than a year investigating the ring. Cuomo said members had specific jobs to carry out, like making keys or shipping the cars. He said some of the those arrested worked in car dealerships in Connecticut and New Jersey.

    The ring took a variety of vehicles, from Mercedes and BMWs to Toyotas. Cuomo said the vehicles would be packed into big shipping containers and sent to Africa.