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In Newark, Crime Up, Crimefighters Down



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    Some 167 Newark police officers have received letters letting them know that come November 12 -- they might no longer be patrolling the streets of Brick City.

    The police officers facing possible layoffs are among more than 2000 Newark city employees for whom the same fate might be looming, because Newark's mayor says the city just doesn't have the money to pay them.

    Right now Newark is facing an $83 million budget deficit, with $11 million of that out of the police department.

    In a statement Mayor Cory Booker says, "It pains this administration that many of the hard-working, dedicated officers we have hired over the past four years will face layoffs if the police union does not come to the table and make reasonable concessions that will save jobs."

    However, the President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Derrick Hatcher, says, "I don't think that any concessions provided would actually allow the city not to lay off.  They're going to do it anyway.  Our job is to protect the rights of the officers and the Mayor's platform was public safety and he's now jeopardizing public safety by laying off 167 police officers."

    Nevertheless, the head of the police officers' union says if the mayor wants to talk about saving jobs, he is willing to meet with him.