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Brooklyn Man Accused of Selling Coke on Craigslist

Man with rap sheet accused of selling crack online



    Brooklyn Man Accused of Selling Coke on Craigslist
    Kinrod Priester, 37, a Brooklyn personal trainer, was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly selling cocaine on Craigslist.

    From personal ads to apartments, jobs to services - it seems as if you can find anything and everything on Craigslist these days - including cocaine.

    A Brooklyn man was arrested for allegedly selling the drug on the classified ad Web site, according to a published report.

    An undercover investigator for the city's Special Narcotics Prosecutor answered an ad from Kinrod Priester, 37 a personal trainer with a rap sheet, reports The New York Post.

    Priester and the investigator met on Wednesday night on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue at a Starbucks, where the investigator bought four grams of coke, according to the paper.

    After leaving the coffee chain, Priester reportedly tried to escape the two investigators that were waiting to arrest him outside, but he tripped over a wire tree fencing while running to his Mercedes, a law enforcement source told the Post.

    Priester works at the Planet Fitness gym chain in downtown Brooklyn. He's spent a total of 14 years in prison on two armed robbery charges, according to the Post. He now faces third degree charges of criminal sale of a controlled substance.