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Parents Executed in Bedroom, Son Speaks

Cops search for mystery gunman in shooting that has community on edge



    Son Demands Parents' Killer Come Forward

    The eldest son of a couple shot execution-style in their bedroom as they slept demands the killer surrender. (Published Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011)

    After a middle-aged, middle-class couple is murdered execution-style in their Queens bedroom, a bereaved son demands the mystery gunman who killed his parents step forward.

    Rosie and Sugrim Jaggarnauth were shot at point-blank range in the bedroom they'd slept in for years.

    "Whoever did this is a ruthless person and they need to come forward. Whatever they did was wrong," said Shawn Jaggarnauth, the victims' eldest son.

    It's the kind of double homicide one might associate with a gangster film -- an execution-style hit. But in this case, the victims were not thugs.

    Neighbors on Grayson Street in Springfield Gardens awoke Friday morning to news that the beloved couple, who had raised a family on their block, had been killed by a mystery gunman who crept up their stairs and pumped a single bullet into each of their heads.

    "This block will never be the same. That whole family will never be the same," said neighbor Oriana Lopez.

    Police say the Jaggarnauths called 911 around 4 a.m. yesterday to report their younger son, Shane Jaggarnauth, 23, had been shot in the shoulder. Then they were killed.

    After the bedroom murders, it appears the gunman drove off in Shane Jaggarnauth's black Toyota RAV 4. 

    The younger Jaggarnauth was in stable condition at Jamaica Hospital Friday evening. Police believe he was shot first, as he stepped outside to walk the family dog. Then the killer crept up the stairs and executed his parents.

    "I lost very good parents. People that worked hard, came from another country and made something of themselves," said Shawn Jaggarnauth.

    The investigation is ongoing.