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White Christmas Picks in Northeast Cities

Cornell Climate Center's white Christmas picks for Northeast cities, including New York



    White Christmas Picks in Northeast Cities
    Edite Abolins

    Climate experts at Cornell University have made their annual predictions about the probability of a white Christmas, while noting that December is shaping up as the 12th month in a row of above-normal temperatures in the Northeast.

    Pinkham Notch, N.H., tops the list from the Northeast Regional Climate Center with a 95 percent probability of an inch or more of snow on the ground on Dec. 25. New York City gets a 12 percent chance of a white Christmas.

    Cornell Climatologist Jessica Rennells says Wednesday the predictions are based on a 50-year average. With above-normal temperatures expected to continue in the Northeast for the next week or two, Rennells says the real odds of a snowy holiday are likely lower than the long-term trend would suggest.

    Cornell University's Northeast Regional Climate Center lists probabilities of a white Christmas, based on a 50-year average.
           Northeast city Probability of 1'' of snow or more on the ground on Dec 25
           Pinkham Notch, N.H. 95
           Boonville, N.Y.            94
           Caribou, Maine            90
           St. Johnsbury, Vt.     89
           Norfolk, Conn.             79
           Ashburnham, Mass.           74
           Concord, N.H.            73
           Burlington, Vt.            70
           Syracuse, N.Y.                     68
           Oswego, N.Y.            68
           Portland, Maine            66
           Binghamton, N.Y.            64
           Buffalo, N.Y.                        62
           Ithaca, N.Y.                        60
           Rochester, N.Y.                    58
           Erie, Pa.                        57
           Albany, N.Y.                         50
           Cleveland, Ohio             48
           Beckley, W.Va.            35
           Pittsburg, Pa.            34
           Providence, R.I.            30
           Charleston, W.Va.            28
           Bridgeport, Conn.            27
           Newark, N.J.                        20
           Boston, Mass.             20
           Wilmington, Del.            14
           New York, N.Y.            12
           Baltimore, Md.            12
           Washington, D.C.            10
           Philadelphia, Pa.            10
           Atlantic City, N.J.              9