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Cops Suspended for Locking Teens in Van



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    Three Fort Lee, N.J., officers have been suspended after five teens were left locked up in a police van outside for hours after they were rounded up at a house party.

    Three Fort Lee, N.J., officers have been suspended after police left a van full of teens locked up outside in the cold for 14 hours, officials said.

    The borough's police department has suspended the two officers it believes were responsible for forgetting the teens, who were rounded up at a high school house party early Saturday morning. Their supervisor was also suspended, borough attorney Lee Cohen said.

    The suspensions were announced just hours after NBC New York reported the story.

    "This may or may not be the end of disciplinary actions," Cohen said.

    Three of the youths told NBC New York on Monday how an underage drinking bust turned into the 14-hour ordeal that left them out in the cold from early Saturday morning until mid-afternoon that day.

    Temps dropped into the 20s as they waited.

    "We had to huddle up together and just share body heat," said Liam, 17.

    "Pretty much the whole time we were in there we were banging the walls and trying to shake the truck and screaming for help," he said.

    The borough attorney does not believe the kids were left there on purpose.

    "The one bright spot -- there is no evidence we have seen or heard that this was deliberate," Cohen said.

    He added that an "intensive investigation to establish all the facts" is being conducted by two captains on the force.

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