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Cops Seize Liquid Pot at Brooklyn Home

We didn't even know it existed!



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    David Sutherland
    A four-ounce dose of the liquid marijuana packs more punch than a joint, the suspect said.

    A Brooklyn man is charged with selling liquid marijuana. We didn't even know such a thing existed.

    Granted, it was an unusual find, even for the cops. NYPD Capt. Gerard Dowling says the dark green mixture of alcohol and marijuana has not been seen in the area before.     
    Police seized eight Mason jars of the substance yesterday from the home of 32-year-old Anthony Briordy, reports The New York Times. They also seized cocaine and prescription painkillers, including OxyContin.
    The investigation began when an undercover cop started buying the liquid pot and other drugs from Briordy a few months ago, police said. Briordy allegedly told that undercover officer that the substance often included fruit punch. Police say Briordy repeatedly told the officer that he made the substance at home and that a four-ounce dose was stronger than a joint, reports the Times.

    Police say laboratory tests determined the marijuana was extremely potent and classified the liquid as a controlled substance.