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Cop Tried to Steal $900K From Jailed Drug Dealer: Feds

Cash apparently hidden in convicted coke dealer's closet



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    The officer, Shawn Jenkins, is accused of conspiring to rob a drug dealer in a manner that "obstructed commerce."

    An NYPD officer is accused of plotting to steal close to $1 million from the former home of a convicted drug dealer, federal law enforcement officials said.

    The cop, identified as Shawn Jenkins, worked as a highway safety officer for Manhattan's 23rd Precinct. He was charged in federal court today with two counts of attempted robbery.

    According to a federal complaint, Jenkins had discussed robbing an apartment on Broadway in Upper Manhattan, saying he knew that it was the former home of a drug dealer who stashed money under the floor of the closet.

    Federal law enforcement officials confirmed that the former occupant was jailed for dealing cocaine and crack.

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    Jenkins told an unnamed witness that he knew there to be about $900,000 in the apartment. He also told the witness that he had worked as a bodyguard for the apartment's occupant, who wanted him to retrieve the money for his mother, the complaint said.

    Federal officials said many of the the conversations between Jenkins and the witness were recorded on wire tap or on video.

    The plan to rob the apartment on Broadway was set for May 7, 2009. That's when Jenkins and his accomplice planned to pose in disguise as law enforcement officials, then using a stun gun to immobilize the current occupant, according to the complaint. He then planned to make off with the money in a suitcase or laundry bag, the complaint said.