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Comptroller Hopefuls Don't Know What They'd Be Comptrolling



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    Councilmember Melinda Katz (seen here) and David Weprin may need to do some studying before the election.

    This is why you should always do research on a new job before you apply.

    Two wannabes running for the office of City Comptroller don't even know how big the budget is they would potentially be comptrolling, the Daily News reports.

    David Weprin and Melinda Katz, both came up empty last week when they were asked about the size of the comptroller's office budget by the News' editorial board.

    The query, posed out of simple curiosity, caused Weprin, currently a Queens City council member to reply, "Good question."

    Good answer.

    When Weprin couldn't come up with a figure, the board decided to ask the other three comptroller candidates.

    "I forgot what the figure was," replied Melinda Katz, also a Queens City Council member.

    For those playing along at home, the budget was $70 million last year, and has been cut to about $66 million for the current fiscal year, according to the News.

    Queens Councilman John Liu got it nearly exactly right when he replied "[It] is around $70 million, a little less. It lost a few million."  Today, Liu  got a boost from the Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA), who announced their endorsement of his candidacy.

    Brooklyn Councilman David Yassky was also on target when he responded "It's about  ...$60 million, $65 million."

    Katz and Weprin defended their lack of knowledge saying leadership is about courage and not numbers, or some such thing.

    Liu's campaign responded that any candidate should have "a full understanding" of the comptroller's office.