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Greenwich Money Managers Respond to Jackpot Rumors

They finally respond to speculation they were covering for an anonymous winner



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    The Greenwich Powerball jackpot winners at a press conference Monday

    Three Connecticut money managers who won a $254 million lottery jackpot are responding to rumors they're covering for the real winner who wants to stay anonymous.

    London's Daily Mail sparked debate Tuesday when it reported the winners were actually fronting for the real winner, who wished to stay anonymous.

    Greg Skidmore, Brandon Lacoff and Tim Davidson came forward Monday as the winners. The fact that they're from wealthy — and notoriously private — Greenwich raised some eyebrows, as did their low-key behavior at the presentation press conference.

    Thomas Gladstone, who identified himself as the landlord for the men's company, told the Daily Mail Tuesday that Lacoff told him they are actually representing the winner who wants to remain anonymous.

    But the trust released a statement Tuesday afternoon, saying, "While there has been much speculation and quite a bit of misinformation over the last 24 hours, this Trust, with its three trustees, has been established to manage the winnings."

    It went on to say, "And to be clear, there are a total of three trustees and there is no anonymous fourth participant."

    Connecticut Lottery Corporation President Anne Noble says the winners are generally determined by whoever is holding the ticket. She says the three men will get the money.