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City to New Yorkers: Quit Boozing it Up!

The Department of Health launches a new ad campaign aimed at excessive drinking during the holiday season.



    City to New Yorkers: Quit Boozing it Up!
    Signs urging New Yorkers to “stop drinking while you’re still thinking” will appear in city subways throughout the holiday season

    Attention New Yorkers, you are all a bunch of drunks.

    That, at least, is the Department of Health's warning during this holiday season -- while most of us are getting properly sloshed at festive parties and family dinners, the City will be trying to kill your buzz.

    Along the same lines of past posters warning about fat in soft drinks and smoking cigarettes, this campaign aims to scare us straight.

    “Two drinks ago you could still get yourself home," reads one poster with a well dressed woman passed out in some dirty underground stairwell.

    The signs are the city’s new strategy to deter the public from over doing it with the eggnog this season.

    And  with the health department’s statistics showing that 1,500 New Yorkers are killed every year from excessive drinking while more than 70,000 drinkers up in city emergency-rooms, it might not be a bad idea to take it easy.

    The ads will be up in subway stations across the city and will run in English and Spanish.

    They’re main goal, not to get you to quit altogether, but rather to “stop drinking while you’re still thinking.”