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NYers May Face Big Water Rate Hike (Again)

Would mark 2nd big increase in two years



    NYers May Face Big Water Rate Hike (Again)
    Take out your wallets.

    That drip, drip, drip, you're hearing just might be the sound of your water bill rising -- again.

    New York City's Department of Environmental Protection is reportedly seeking a 12.9 percent water rate increase, effective July 1. That means the average annual bill for a single-family homeowner could jump from $723 to $816, according to The New York Post.

    DEP spokesman Farrell Sklerov told the paper the increase is needed "to maintain New York City's high quality water."

    "Any rate increase is difficult on homeowners," Sklerov said. "But we remain committed to making the necessary investments."

    Those investments may include a third water tunnel for the city, a filtration plant in the Bronx and a treatment facility in Westchester.

    The rate hike is not a done deal just yet, however. The Water Board has to OK it.

    If the board approves it, it would be the second 12.9 percent rate increase for the city's residential water customers in the past two years.