Chris Christie Set to Appear on "Tonight Show" for First Time After Being Mocked by Fallon, Springsteen - NBC New York

Chris Christie Set to Appear on "Tonight Show" for First Time After Being Mocked by Fallon, Springsteen

The New Jersey governor was mocked by Fallon and Bruce Springsteen in January for the George Washington Bridge scandal



    Gov. Chris Christie is set to appear on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" for the first time since he was mocked by the host and by rock star Bruce Springsteen for the George Washington Bridge traffic jam scandal.

    Fallon and Springsteen spoofed "Born to Run" in January, when Fallon was still the host of "Late Night", to satirize Christie's aides' alleged orchestration of lane closings on the world's most heavily trafficked bridge, apparently as political payback to the mayor of Fort Lee.

    "In the day we sweated out on the street stuck in traffic on the GWB," Fallon sang with his best Springsteen impersonation, "they shut down the toll booths of glory cause we didn't endorse Christie."

    "Oh, maybe this Bridgegate was just payback, it's a b**** slap to the state Democrats," Fallon sang. "We gotta get out while we can. We're stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam."

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    The Boss joined in on the fun, singing as if he was one of the motorists stuck on the bridge during the four days of lane closures last September.

    "You've got Wall Street masters stuck cheek-to-cheek with blue collar truckers, and man I really gotta take a leak," Springsteen sang.

    Christie is one of Springsteen's biggest fans -- he claims to know every lyric of every one of the musician's songs, according to MSNBC

    Christie even belted out "Thunder Road" on a 2012 "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" episode.

    Fallon said he warned Christie about the sketch before it aired, telling him: "'The silver lining, Bruce Springsteen says your name... That's pretty cool, right?'"

    He said, "So I haven't heard back yet" from Christie. 

    At a town hall meeting about a month after the "Late Night" bit, a constituent told Christie to dump his Springsteen CDs, saying "he's not a friend of yours." 

    Christie said he still held out hope he and the Boss would see eye to eye.

    "I live in hope of that because when I think we get attached to certain people as youngsters, which I did, it's hard to kind of let that go," Christie said. "So you are probably giving me wise, sage counsel that I should accept, but my heart keeps telling me not to."

    State and federal investigators are continuing to investigate the traffic jam plot, and the governor has maintained he did not know about it. He said in a news conference in March that it might never be clear why the plot was hatched, saying, "It mystifies me on every level why this was done."