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VIDEO: Rat Crawls Up Sleeping Man's Face on Subway

Clever straphanger posts skin-crawling snippet



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    Rat craws up sleeping man's face on subway.

    Hey, somebody had to wake him up.

    NYCtheblog was the first  to link the skin-crawling snippet of a rat rousing a man on the subway this morning and now it has gone viral.

    Jeffrey Forde, a quick thinking straphanger caught the rude awakening on his camera and posted it on YouTube.

    Forde told News 4's Roseanne Colletti that he was asleep on the four train when he heard a woman screaming. "A woman started yelling oh my god there's a rat on the train..and I was like where I want to take a picture of it!"  In the video, the sizeable rat races up and down the subway car, sniffing some white sneakers and winding in and around feet, before spotting the man lounging in the corner seat. Using the man's leg as a ramp, the long-tailed rodent shimmies up the shin, the thigh and onto the man's jacket before leaping onto his face.

    Forde said he couldn't believe how calm the man was after the incident. "If it were me I would have been freaked out. I would have jumped up, got off the train or went to the next car, but the guy just went right back to sleep," said the aspiring photographer.

    No one has seen the rat since it scurried off at the end of the almost-too-crazy-to-be-true video.

    But as amazing as the scenerio seems, Forde swore to us that the video is authentic.

    "I did not train the rat, it is not my rat...we just met" Forde said.   

    Watch the video below (Warning: The video includes an expletive).