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Cat(fish) Fight at Aquarium



    Cat(fish) Fight at Aquarium
    The aquarium is no place to fight. Take it to the boardwalk.

    The fish weren't flying but the fists were at the New York Aquarium when a Queens grandmother and a Brooklyn mom got into a wild brawl, according to reports.

    The rumble by the sea started when Rodine James' child bumped Rosa Melendez's grandchild as the two family passed by the shark tank at about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, theNew York Postreported.

    Melendez, 51, of Astoria, screamed at James, 32, of East Flatbush, and her kid -- and James screamed back but walked away, according to the paper.

    But Melendez wasn't read  to give up the fight, and followed James, berating her, then striking her in the face and knocking her down, pummeling her and breaking her sunglasses, witnesses told the Post.

    "That's by the craziest thing I've ever seen here," one employee told the paper.

    "I heard all this commotion behind me and turned around to see two women rolling on the ground," said another employee. "The younger woman looked like she'd been scratched up pretty badly."

    Witnesses said the two kids were also knocked down in the scuffle, which only ended when workers pulled the two women apart.

    "It was very sad, because both little kids got hurt when they got knocked down," an employee said to the Post.

    Melendez was arrested and James was taken to Coney Island Hospital with minor injuries.