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Cat Survives 12-Story Fall



    Cat Survives 12-Story Fall

    It's true cats land on their feet.

    At least it was true for Copper, a 9-month-old kitty that fell 12 stories from an Upper West Side window and survived with just a broken paw.

    Owner Angela Lang tells the New York Post that veterinarians who treated Copper were amazed she was alive.

    Copper apparently slipped through a narrow opening in Lang's 14th-floor window and landed on top of a two-story garage next door.

    The kitty spent nearly nine hours on the roof of the garage because there was no access and Lang couldn't get a hold of anyone who could help.

    Finally, building service manager Juan Dominguez spotted the cat from the window of his own apartment 10 floors below Lang's. He used a ladder to reach Copper.