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Cat Gets Stuck Under Bomb Machine at Newark Airport



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    The elusive kitty didn't cause these types of delays, but its owner missed her flight.

    Bad kitty.

    Passengers had to use another X-ray machine after a skittish cat got stuck under a bomb-detection machine at Newark Liberty International Airport. No, the feline wasn't carrying a weapon. 

    Port Authority officials say a woman and her young daughter removed the brown-and-black cat from a carrier so the container could go through an X-ray machine at Checkpoint A-2 in Terminal A Tuesday morning.

    The scared kitty ran under the CTX explosive-detection machine.

    The cat managed to elude efforts to snare it, so police brought in a hydraulic lift to raise the machine.

    The cat was reunited with its owner about 20 minutes later. The woman missed her flight to Florida.