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NY Congresswoman Reports Death Threats Over Gun Control Proposal



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    A New York congresswoman says she's received death threats over her proposed gun control legislation.

    Rep. Carolyn Maloney said she's received three menacing phone calls — about one hour apart — at her Manhattan office Tuesday night.

    She said all three profanity-laced calls referred to gun control legislation that she had introduced on Friday. The bill would require weapons owners to hold liability insurance.

    All the calls were answered by her staffers, who told her they believed they were made by the same person.

    The Democratic congresswoman told the Daily News that she was so disturbed by the calls that she canceled a public appearance that evening.

    She said "you have to take these things seriously."

    Despite the threats, Maloney said she's moving forward with the legislation.

    According to an FBI spokesman in New York, the FBI is working with the US Capitol Police in an effort to determine the origin and identity of the caller to Rep. Maloney's office.

    The NYPD also said it is investigating.

    While the NYPD and FBI are looking into what Maloney describes as threats, a law enforcement official says that the calls were not necessarily threats to her life.

    They're looking into it and the NYPD is investigating. Law enforcement sources say they don't believe there was any direct threat made towards her. 

    Police Commissioner Ray Kelly declined to comment on the nature of the calls. 

    -Melissa Russo, Joe Valiquette and Shimon Prokupecz contributed to this report 

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