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Campus Cafeterias Flunk Health Inspections

NYU, Pace and Fordham are among the schools who received C grades.



    Four metro colleges had dining halls with failing grades. Some had enough violations for the Department of Health to shut them down twice. (Published Wednesday, April 20, 2011)

    College campus cafeterias around New York City are receiving poor grades from health inspectors, with Pace University, Fordham University and New York University among the city's biggest offenders.

    According to the New York Times, the three universities, as well as the Bank Street College of Education, have all received a C grade in one or more of their dining halls.

    The inspections work on a point system, where each violation adds a certain amount of points to the establishment's score.

    As the points accumulate, the letter grade is lowered. Once an eatery reaches 28 or more points, it will receive a C, the lowest score. Inspectors return once a month to see if the score improves, and continued violations could lead to a closure.

    At both the Bank Street College of Education and Fordham's Student Deli, inspectors cited live roaches and mice.

    Numerous violations — including soiled washcloths and food stored at unsafe temperatures — led to 79 points at Pace, and the cafeteria was closed. When it reopened the next day, students boycotted for a new food service provider.

    "I was completely disgusted and really worried," Pace senior Kelly Johnson told the Times.

    Fordham has received A's in each of the two cafeterias that have been reinspected, and New York University is contesting the findings in one of their inspections. It is the only C the university received out of its 12 dining halls.

    Fordham's vice president for student affairs told the Times in a statement that the school "let students down."

    "While most of the infractions that inspectors cited were easily corrected, everyone involved in food service at Fordham was embarrassed by the initial inspections."