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Cabbies Caught on Camera Violating the Law

It comes months after a new law designed to keep them off cellphones



    Ignoring the Law? Cabbies Caught on Camera on Cellphones

    News 4 cameras captured cabbies on the phone, just months after a law designed to keep them with their eyes on the road. (Published Wednesday, May 12, 2010)

    Getting cabbies to kick that hands-free habit isn't as simple as passing a law.

    Since the city's new cell-phone ban went into effect on January 29, it's been easy to spot drivers breaking the rules.

    Some use high-tech bluetooth devices. But even if a bluetooth is turned off, the city says it's against the law if it's in a taxi driver's ear.

    "They should report the offense to 311," says Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky. "The driver will get fined."

    The penalty can be up to $350, a steep fine considering some cabbies only earn a hundred bucks per day.

    "You can get in trouble," says driver Jose Vazquez of Brooklyn. "We can't pay a fine for the telephone."

    The TLC says it has handed out more than 1500 summonses to gabby cabbies in the last three months.