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Cablevision Customers Email Empty



    Cablevision Customers Email Empty
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    A technical glitch served up 24-hours of cold turkey, no email for an undetermined number of Cablevision's 2.6-million customers.

    "I really felt disconnected," said Jeff Morosoff of Plainview, New York. The communications businessman said he was equally frustrated by the lack of information available from the communications giant.

    Cablevision customers calling the company for answers  about their Optonline emails had to first wade through a series voice prompts before reaching a recorded message. And when they did, the message said nothing about the duration or cause of the email stoppage. received a number of emails from angry Cablevision customers.

    This afternoon the company issued a statement  that said the problem was resolved and blamed the disruption on a malfunctioning digital mail storage device. 

    Who knew? Not Ken Longo who runs a financial services company and relies on email for up-to-date loan quotes. "This actually cost me money," he said, explaining he couldn't lock in loan rates for his customers.

    Cablevision said no emails were actually lost. Customers just lost time and we all know what time is.