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Brooklyn’s Crack-Dealing Dolphin Explains His Reasons



    Meet Four Inspiring Kids Tackling Cancer
    Courtesy of Nate Hill
    In addition to selling fake crack, the dolphin also offers free bouncy rides on the subway.

    Brooklyn’s Crack-Dealing Dolphin Explains His Reasons

    The artist behind everyone's favorite rock-slinging flipper explains the reasoning behind his project: "Animals attempts to see the world through the eye of a child, and with the other eye, an adult. These two worlds are not always a happy marriage, but to experience this logic, call the Candy Crack Delivery Service for a delivery of a 100% sugar crack."
    [Club Animal NYC]

    Take a Tour of Doomed Coney Island

    If you can't make it to the Coney Island Boardwalk this summer, at least take a last gander at Henderson’s Dance Hall building and other Coney Island structures slated for destruction.
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    Dueling City Council Candidates Take to the Subways

    Two candidates enter.  One candidate leaves.  Well, not exactly. But council hopefuls, John Heyer and Josh Skaller, took the Carroll Street F train stop on the same morning to collect signatures against the MTA’s plan to close manned token booths.
    [The Brooklyn Papers]

    Brooklyn Man Gives New Meaning to the Word "Hotline"

    Do you call the Maytag repairman or the Verizon guy?  That’s what one Brooklyn resident is wondering after learning that calls on his smart phone can turn on his broiler.
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