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Brooklyn Pol More Than 2X Legal Limit After 4 Loko Challenge

Felix Ortiz says his blood alcohol level was 0.182 percent



    Like many politicians of his ilk, Brooklyn Assemblyman Feliz Ortiz is vigilant about the well being of his constituents. In light of recent incidents, he has been working to get drinks that combine caffeine and alcohol, such as the popular 4 Loko, taken off the shelves.In addition to proposed New York legislation, Ortiz decided to put his words into action by drinking as much Four Loko as he could within one hour, while under the constant supervision of a doctor.The experiment didn?t end well. After about 60 minutes and two and a half cans of the drink, Ortiz began vomiting, and had to stop drinking the beverage. He gave blood samples before and after- the difference in the results may surprise you.Katy Tur brings us the story. (Published Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010)

    One hour, two and a half cans of 4 Loko and a doctor on standby, BrooklynAssemblyman Felix Ortiz was out to prove a point, namely that alcoholic energy drinks are dangerous, very dangerous.

    Conventional wisdom argues that the average number of drinks a person consumes per hour while at a bar, party, or club, is two. With that information under his belt, Ortiz began drinking. After 15 minutes his blood pressure and pulse spiked, leading Dr. Vincent Pedre to announce that the test would stop if his systolic blood pressure rose to 160. Ortiz’ blood pressure ended up slowing as the alcohol took hold, but his pulse remained high – peaking at 100 beats per minute as he was vomiting most of the liquid up.

    When all was said and done, Ortiz's blood alcohol level was .182. That is more than two times the legal limit. His liver, alternatively, was unaffected, though Dr. Pedre argues such effects could take days to register.

    On Wednesday, the FDA announced an effective ban on alcoholic energy drinks like 4 Loko, warning 4 companies that adding caffeine to liquor was unsafe. If those companies do not change their recipe’s the Federal Government could seize their products.

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    The companies involved in the “effective ban” are:

    • Charge Beverages Corp.: Core High Gravity HG, Core High Gravity HG Orange, and Lemon Lime Core Spiked
    • New Century Brewing Co., LLC: Moonshot
    • Phusion Projects, LLC (doing business as Drink Four Brewing Co.): Four Loko
    • United Brands Company Inc.: Joose and Max

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