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VIDEO: Sanitation Plow Rams Car in Brooklyn Blizzard



    Plow Slams Car in Brooklyn During 2011 Blizzard

    Watch as a snow plow slams into a car in Brooklyn Heights after a January 2011 blizzard as a shocked resident looks on, capturing the whole thing on video. (Published Friday, Feb. 8, 2013)

    Sanitation workers usually use heavy-duty front-end loaders to clean up messes left behind from storms.  But one sanitation crew appears to have made quite the mess in Brooklyn Heights during Sunday night's blizzard.

    A tow truck was trying was trying to free a Department of Sanitation loader from a mound of snow Monday afternoon when the loader careened into the rear end of a parked van, smashing out glass in the rear window. Another tug from the tow truck and the van was rammed into Ciara McArdle’s car.
    “So many people were out on the street watching it” says McArdle, whose father owns the van that was hit. “They were all yelling at the truck driver, ‘Stop, you’re going to damage the cars!’ “
    “Everyone could see what was going to happen, but they didn’t care. They did it anyway”, McArdle said.
    NYC Department of Sanitation spokesperson Vito Turso responded to McArdle’s account calling the situation “Unfortunate, but not unusual” during winter storms. He also said that owners of any vehicles damaged by the Department of Sanitation are usually compensated.