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A (Huge) Pumpkin Grows in Brooklyn



    Family Grows 500 lb pumpkin (Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010)

    The Zambito family has their pride and joy on display just outside their home.

    That's because this Halloween, they'll have the biggest pumpkin on the block.  They'll probably have the biggest pumpkin in Brooklyn. Maybe even the biggest pumpkin in... well you get the point.

     John Zambito grew the pumpkin from seeds he purchased on the Internet: He and his family started growing it in their boiler room and then transferred it to a patch of land upstate.

    When it came time to harvest, the 502 lbs monster took six people to move into the car. The family says it's caused quite a stir on their block and that they have a hard time convincing people that it's real.

    But in case you're wondering, it's not the biggest pumpkin this Halloween. That title belongs to a Wisconsin giant weighing 1,810.5 lbs.