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Brooklyn Comic Jenny Slate to Join "SNL"

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    "SNL" rookie Jenny Slate has "no discernible sense of shame or fear," according to Heeb Magazine.

    Oh no you guys! Who attacked the big wonderful beautiful Sony ad on 2nd and 2nd?! Hint: The calls are coming from inside the house. [EV Grieve]

    I Heart chronicles the High Line's transformation from "natural, historical, and gritty" to "corporate, cordoned-off, and pastiche." [I Heart]

    Something awesome might be coming to "SNL" next season...Jenny Slate! She's an uber-awesome comic from Brooklyn who is just another star from the borough's growing underground comedy scene to hit it big. The other recent one rhymes with "wack pal-if-an-ackis." [The Comic's Comic]

    Taco Bell, wanting to dip their nacho chips in some of that nation-wide food cart buzz, is bringing its Taco Bell Truck to NYC. Follow the truck on Twitter @TacoBellTruck and get free tacos for lunch this Thursday, Sept. 3rd at Astor Place. [Asylum]

    Sunset Tattoos won't let pregnant people inside. Also, those on drugs, sick, sunburned, and broke. [Blather from Brooklyn]

    Rooftop Films, the popular independent film organization that screens movies outdoors, must raise $70,000 by October to continue operating without compromise in 2010. [Rooftop Films]

    Remember those virtual doormen we told you about? Turns out, they kiss and tell what they've seen in the elevators. Someone's always watching you, New York. [Brick Underground]

    A model moves from the Village to Williamsburg, makes "shoe art," and somehow ends up with 40 more friends. [Gothamist]

    Tea Party honchos performed an anti-Obama rendition of "New York, New York," singing about "this socialist nightmare," and "My Obama blues." [Runnin' Scared]