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Candidates for Brooklyn Borough President and Council Seats



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    The Borough Presidents are the chief executives of each borough. They have the power, for their boroughs, to consult with the mayor in the preparation of the annual executive budget; to make recommendations on budget priorities, capital projects, and other matters; to review land-use decisions and proposed sites for City facilities; to monitor the delivery of City services and the performance of contracts; and to have legislation introduced in the City Council. Borough Presidents earn an annual salary of $160,000.

    Here are the candidates for Brooklyn Borough President:

    Mark D'Ottavio, Borough President

    Marty Markowitz, Borough President

    Michael Sanchez, Borough President

    The City Council is the legislative, or law-making, branch of city government. The City Council is responsible for passing local laws for New York City, making decisions about land use, investigating and overseeing city agencies, and approving the city's budget. Each council member represents one of the 51 New York City Council districts. Council members receive an annual base salary of $112,500.

    Here are the candidates for Brooklyn City Council:

    Stephen Levin, City Council #33

    Elizabeth Tretter, City Council #33

    Maritza Davila, City Council #34

    Jacqueline Haro, City Council #34

    Diana Reyna, City Council #34

    Stuart Balberg, City Council #35

    Letitia James, City Council #35

    Robert Hunter, City Council #36

    Albert Vann, City Council #36

    Mark Winston Griffith, City Council #36

    Melvin Brown, City Council #37

    M E Freeman-Saulsberre, City Council #37

    Erik Martin Dilan, City Council #37

    Sara Gonzalez, City Council #38

    Allan Romaguera, City Council #38

    Brad Lander, City Council #39

    Joe Nardiello, City Council #39

    David Pechefsky, City Council #39

    Roger Sarrabo, City Council #39

    George Smith, City Council #39

    Noel Burke, City Council #40

    Hugh Carr, City Council #40

    Mathieu Eugene, City Council #40

    Rose Laney, City Council #41

    Darlene Mealy, City Council #41

    Charles Barron, City Council #42

    Godfrey Jelks, City Council #42

    Bob Capano, City Council #43

    Vincent Gentile, City Council #43

    Simcha Felder, City Council #44

    Salvatore Grupico, City Council #45

    Kendall Stewart, City Council #45

    Jumaane Williams, City Council #45

    Gene Berardelli, City Council #46

    Lew Fidler, City Council #46

    Derek Sacerdote, City Council #46

    Jennifer Adornato, City Council #47

    Elon Harpaz, City Council #47

    Domenic Recchia, Jr., City Council #47

    The non-partisan video voter guide is a partnership between the voter assistance commission, WNBC, NYC-TV and the campaign finance board. Some candidates for public office declined to participate.  To see a transcript of the video voter guide in English and other languages, please go to  All translations will be be available by Sept. 1, 2009