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Brooklyn Bike Lane Scheduled for Makeover



    Brooklyn Bike Lane Scheduled for Makeover

    A local community board has approved the Department of Transportation's proposed modifications to the two-lane Prospect Park West bike lane that has divided the neighborhood ever since its installation.

    But critics of the bike lane say the only way to make it better is to rip it up.

    The bike lane has been in place almost a year and has been the subject of a bitter dispute ever since.

    Supporters say it provides a safer, separate corridor for the increasing numbers of cyclists in the area.

    "The bike lane has help reduced cars speeding along Prospect Park West and it also has reduced to number of bicyclists riding on the sidewalk across the street from the park," said Craig Hammerman, the board's district manager.

    Opponents say removing one lane of car traffic has caused a lot of congestion.

    They also say the two-way bike lane along a one way street has made crossing the street dangerous for pedestrians who look one way for cars and then don't realize they need to look both ways for bikes.

    "The DOT really needs to move the two-way bike lane into Prospect Park and give us back three lanes on the street for car traffic," said Donald Matteson, with the group Seniors for Safety.

    But the head of Community Board 6 says the proposed modifications should address those concerns.

    The changes include rumble strips on both sides of the pedestrian crosswalks, designed to force bikers to slow down.

    The board would also like to see DOT add traffic lights for bike riders. Hammerman says removing the bike lane is not on the table.