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Name The Bronx Zoo Snake



    Name The Bronx Zoo Snake
    Julie Larsen Maher
    Help name the Bronx Zoo snake.

    The Egyptian cobra that vanished from the Bronx Zoo last month may have found her way home, but she has yet to find a suitable name.

    But you can help change that!

    The contest to name the snake that captured the attention and the Twitter accounts of thousands is accepting suggestion until 1 p.m. on Monday.

    The zoo and the Daily News will announce the winning name on Thursday, April 7th. 

    According to the Daily News, the Houdini theme is popular with suggestions like Bronxdini and Zoodini. The name “Twitter” is also said to be an earlier frontrunner.

    If you’d like to submit a suggestion for the snake’s namesake, you can do so here.